Confined space rescue and support teams

Our confined space rescue teams are highly experienced in confined spaces safety and provide inspection, supervision and rescue solutions to businesses throughout the UK

Our Confined Space Safety and Rescue Service will provide you with peace of mind that your employees and contractors will work in the safest environment when making a confined space entry, and should an emergency situation arise, our team will be there to manage and execute the emergency and rescue arrangements.

Whether it is a technical or complex rescue scenario or simply a solution to contractor safety such as fall arrest, work restraint or position, WF can provide the answer.

All members of the WF confined space rescue teams have undertaken the following training:

  • CSTS – Confined Spaces Training.
  • City & Guilds Confined Spaces.
  • Emergency crisis control.

Our experienced teams provide inspection, supervision and rescue solutions for confined space entry situations

Experienced Teams

Site Visit & Assessment

Entry/Exit Supervision

Confined Space Rescue

The dangers of confined space working should not be underestimated...

Confined space supervision and entry management

WF are able to offer confined space supervision and management tailored to your business requirements

We can coordinate all confined space safety and management procedures, ensuring adequate rescue procedures are in place as per The Confined Space Regulations 1997. Employing us to manage the confined space entry procedure will ensure that you as a company have the correct procedure in place and can ensure that a safe entry can be achieved. We will partner with you to help you get your jobs done, expert advice and support means we can reduce project time and cost.

Our Confined Space Supervision includes:

  • A site visit and full site risk assessment
  • Provision of on-site support teams
  • Confined space entry methodology
  • Confined space safety advice
  • Entry permit control
  • Emergency Rescue procedure put in place

Unsure of whether you need a confined space rescue team?

Having a confined space rescue team present at every confined space entry is not a legal requirement. However, it is a requirement to have suitable and sufficient emergency arrangements in place and this may include the provision of an on-site rescue team.

The dangers of confined space working should not be underestimated!

We can provide specialist confined space services tailored to your business needs...