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Providing cost effective waste management and recycling services within Cumbria

Maintaining a clean working environment means disposing of waste in a safe, environmentally friendly and efficient way. Outsourcing this task to a company like WF means you can be assured that your waste is taken care of, and that you are meeting your corporate social responsibilities.

WF will manage your commercial waste and will ensure it is disposed of quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively in way that is environmentally responsible. The comprehensive recycling service can also help you achieve environmental compliance and cut costs.

WF are able to provide the recycling of dry inert waste products with support from International Waste Management

  • Waste collection and removal
  • Waste handling and segregation
  • Waste transfer and sales
  • Recycling services
  • Recycling of fluorescent tubes
  • Waste management tailored to your specific needs

Our commercial waste collection, management and recycling services are an efficient and cost-effective solution for your business

Waste Collection

Waste Handling

Waste Management

Recycling Services

We help you manage your waste better and at the same time help the environment by turning it into a resource

Fluorescent tubes recycling

WF provide a cost-effective way to have your fluorescent tubes recycled

We do this by providing secure storage for fluorescent tubes which protect against breakages, the ability to quickly and safely crush the fluorescent lights on site, and to transport larger numbers of crushed fluorescent tubes from the site to a lamp recycling treatment plant.

Our service is ideal for hospitals, schools, local authorities, factories, industrial complexes and commercial premises.

Benefits to your business:

  • Reduced costs
  • Reduced storage facilities
  • Regular collections
  • Fully-documented audit trail
  • All other types of lamps collected and recycled
  • Compliance with WEEE objectives
  • Secure site storage units available
  • Guaranteed compliance for your customers

To discuss waste collections or any other element of our waste management services, call us on 01900 605919

We can provide waste management and recycling services tailored to your business needs...