Contract labour recruitment services within Cumbria

Supporting businesses in need of low level skills labour in the workplace

WF Support Services Ltd work with local and national businesses, supplying high quality contract labour services. Our success is based on a complete understanding of our client’s needs. We take the time, not only to match relevant skills and experience but to understand the type of person that will fit in with your business.

WF provide temporary and permanent staff who match specific industry related roles. We will only provide staff for any required positions who have the relevant skills and experience. Working alongside our clients we are able to create tailored solutions to meet their business objectives.

We have the knowledge and experience to deal quickly and efficiently with any requirement or deadline and can supply contract, temporary, permanent or fixed term recruitment solutions to projects across multiple industries.

  • Short term placements
  • Project completion
  • Contract labour
  • Temporary labour
  • Temporary to Permanent
  • Permanent placements

WF provide contractors and temporary workers who match specific industry related roles where needed

Warehouse Workers

Admin / Office Work

General Labour

Cleaning Staff

Machine Operators

Construction Workers

Retail Staff

Waste Handling

WFs contract labour recruitment services provide the perfect complement to your existing permanent workforce

The right people when you need them

There are many reasons why you may wish to recruit contract labour or temporary staff for your business. Perhaps you’re going through a busy period or need help with a specific project. Maybe you’re short staffed due to staff holidays or long-term sickness.

You can recruit our contract labour for as little or as long as you need.

WF takes care of all the contractor management and payroll to make our service even more efficient for you.

Recruiting contractors and temporary staff can offer the perfect complement to your permanent workforce.

Key benefits of WF contract labour recruitment

  • Flexibility – contractors are more versatile than permanent members of staff and can be hired for a specific project or period of time
  • Cost – use of a contract workforce can help to manage and reduce spend
  • Speed – WF can supply temporary workers at short notice

If you would like to discuss recruiting temporary workers or contact labour, call us on 01900 605919

We can provide specialist industrial cleaning services tailored to your business needs...